We invite you to participate as a SPONSOR in one of the best outdoor rides for bicycles there are in Miami.

Sponsoring is a perfect opportunity to promote your businesses to a large population, to market your goods and services to a dynamic group of consumers. It is an excellent opportunity for your Corporate Brand to be shown. And it is a wonderful way for you to show the community you care by supporting our social initiatives.

If you want to be the embodiment of dynamism, discipline, perseverance, speed, and success, then we share the same values you do and we invite you to be part of our team.

We are an example of discipline and perseverance, of hard work, of strength and coming together, and of the pursuit of happiness through quality of life and living healthy.


For example:

“Your Company Name” Thursday Sundown Ride

Choose one day of the week, and offer Free Training to your clients and consumers.


Buy a spot on our shirts. Speak to your target audience through your own image.

This option is all about creating Visual Identity. It is just what your Brand needs in order to convince consumers to include you among their preferences. Higher invested sponsors will hold the largest ad spaces available on the uniforms. This will give higher premium exposure level to those investing a bit more, while the rest will still have all the exposure they need at more affordable rates, albeit on smaller places on the uniforms, but still in visible spots to capture new clients.

We are a Not-for-Profit Organization which has been granted tax exemption status from the IRS, which for you means that your sponsor contribution is fully deductible from your taxes.