10 Signs you are addicted to running

October 21, 2019


Runners are often described as obsessive creatures; logging every mile and spending hours poring over race results. However how do you know if you’ve become a running addict? Here are 10 signs to watch out for…

Louise Damen



1 . Running Gear Obsessive


You own more running gear than smart clothes and you consider it socially acceptable to wander around the supermarket in Lycra or compression socks.


2 . Stretching Frenzy


You often find yourself breaking out into a spontaneous stretching routine in public - whether you’re queuing at the shop or filling up with petrol, it’s always good to stretch your hamstrings!


3 . Everywhere's A Running Opportunity


Whenever you see a golf course/footpath/park you think ‘what a nice place for a run’ or ‘I’d love to smash some intervals out around there.’


4 . Early Riser


You're prepared to set your alarm for ‘silly o’clock’ simply so that you can fit in a run before your other commitments for the day.


5 . Name Your Routes/Segments


You have nicknames for your various run routes and/or the hills or unpleasant sections on them.


6 . Rounding Up!


You regularly run around in small circles simply to round your distance or time up. If your schedule says 7 miles you have to run 7 miles, 6.9 miles is inconceivable!


7 . Love The Smell Of Deep Heat In The Morning!


You wear Deep Heat like perfume.


8 . Medal, Medal, Medal!


You hoard race medals like a Magpie and have boxes of them in your spare room, the kitchen, under your bed...


9 . Social Media Runner Stalker 


You avidly follow other runners on any social media platform that you can.


10 . Green With Envy When You Can't Run


You have unnatural feelings of jealousy when you see other people running when you're not able to.

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