• Non-competitive

  • 15-18 mph

  • Coached group ride

  • Meet and greet new members

  • No member left behind


  • Non-competitive

  • 18-22 mph

  •  Occasional sprints and incremental speed training at the end

  • Coached training

  • No member left behind


  • Introduction to running

  • Plyometrics

  • Short, medium and distance running training

  • Half and Full Maraton


  • Intensive training

  • Intermitently combined with running and swimming

  • Coached at all times

  • No member left behind

Cycling has always been at the core of our  services. It is the reason why Focus Club exists. As such, we have placed great emphasis on providing our members with the very best in coaching. Nothing less than State Champions. Countless trophies and medals. The ability to bring to the table experience and expertise, along with mechanicals instruction and a careful balance between riding, nutrition, and efficient consumption of energy throughout training, riding, and racing.

We meet every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. At the present time, our community is growing every day. We offer different training activities, like swimming, bike riding and running, race day, competition, sport tourist service. We are present in a lot of Sporting Events in Miami.


Become a member today and then come out and join us every week for our leader-led rides and events.

Miami, FL, USA


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