Immigrants, particularly Hispanic/Latino immigrants, are disproportionately affected by pedestrian and bicycle crashes in the United States. This curriculum module presents key safety concepts through the story of a pedestrian-motor vehicle crash and its consequences in the lives of two families. This curriculum series presents key safety concepts as it tells the stories of a pedestrian–motor vehicle crash, a second motor vehicle crash caused by a teenage bicyclist, and the consequences of these crashes in the lives of two families.

Students will have a range of experiences, knowledge, and interest in pedestrian safety practices. The results will show how many students in the class walk, drive, bicycle, or use public transportation on a regular basis. 

Curriculum includes the following topics:

  1. Activity 1:  On the road

  2. Activity 2:  Getting around

  3. Activity 3:  Our transportation habits

  4. Activity 4:  A crash

  5. Activity 5:  Visibility

  6. Activity 6:  From now on

  7. Activity 7:  Traffic signs and signals

  8. Activity 8:  Walking

  9. Activity 9:  The daily news

  10. Activity 10:  Alcohol and traffic safety

  11. Activity 11:  Safety while walking

  12. Activity 12:  Road to safety board game

  13. Activity 13:  Team project - Make new rules

  14. Activity 14:  Overall review and test

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