Cycling is synonymous with brotherhood. It is a sport in which the individual triumphs are always accompanied by great sacrifices, not only those of the group members, but also those of an entire team that works for a specific objective.

In this sport it is common to see the runners be happy for the victory of their rival, help each other in the middle of a race and place the general good ahead of the individual. Therefore, we wanted to make a list of some of what we believe are the most important values of cycling.

Cycling is respect towards oneself, towards others, and towards sports in general. Riders demand highly from themselves for the love of the discipline. They can even cross the limit of running in unfavorable health conditions if this means continuing to accompany their team.

When there is a tire puncture or a fall, the riders of the same team wait for the other one to be well, they offer him or her their own bicycle, and many times they give a push so he can return to competition. Riders even share food and water with riders from another squad. Teamwork achieves goals.

The fans would like the victory always. But in cycling, the processes many times are slow. For a rider to consolidate in the sport, it requires work, dedication, determination, commitment, but above all, it requires time. That’s why cycling requires patience in both training and competition.

On repeated occasions, cyclists train in their places of origin and send the results of the training sessions to their respective teams. Physical performance, diet, exercise routines, and the pursuance of hard training, are some of the obligations that high-performance cyclists have to meet. It is here where you notice the commitment to their passion.

Our main value. Strength can guarantee the general stability of all the other virtues. It would be their firmness, the floor from which we can spring ahead to project our influence on ourselves and on the world, so we can offer by example a new alternative for healthy living.

Organization has a lot to do with order. To organize is to maintain a congruence in each step you make, it is to know the path which must be traveled and the doors which must be opened in order to reach your goal. Organization puts everything in its place, just where it has to be. It brings peace with it, as well as harmony and good-naturedness.

These are some of what we believe are the most important values a cyclist should have.

At Focus Cycling Club Miami, we are committed to always stay in Focus with our values so we can achieve our goals.