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Focus Cycling goes beyond the enjoyable experience of casual and training rides for its members. For us, it is a matter of community involvement in safety and awareness for all those who share the road. We understand and recognize that for drivers, sharing the road begins with the understanding that bicyclists and motorcyclists have the same rights as them. Pedestrians and cyclist face unique safety challenges, such as being smaller and less visible. As such, Focus Cycling Club has made a commitment to educate pedestrians, drivers and cyclist--starting with younger children and continuing through adulthood--on how to avoid hazards that could lead to catastrophic, life-changing events. 

To achieve this goal, Focus has developed a series of educational and promotional material that our instructors regularly offer to members, schools and local and State organizations as a means to enhance and advance safety and precaution on the road. 


The fragile balance between speed, concentration and evasive action...

cycling test

Prepared in accordance with the principles and regulations approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


Our most precious resource. One that has to be nurtured in safety from a young age...


It all starts with how we share the road when we walk...


Behind the wheel of a heavy, fast weapon...

The following presentations were prepared by Focus Cycling Club (in conjunction with the NHTS) to help our members and the community at large remain educated about the key components of safe driving and cycling. For more information on the subject, please contact our Education Division to set up an appointment.

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