This curriculum module, Bicycle Safety, is the first of a two-part series designed for the adult English language learner at the high beginning and low intermediate levels. The first module is entitled Pedestrian Safety.  

Immigrants, particularly Hispanic/Latino immigrants, are disproportionately affected by pedestrian and bicycle crashes in the United States. This curriculum series presents key safety concepts as it tells the stories of a pedestrian- motor vehicle crash, a second motor vehicle crash caused by a teenage bicyclist, and the consequences of these crashes in the lives of two families.

Students will have a range of experiences, knowledge, and interest in bicycle safety practices. The results will show how many students in the class walk, drive, bicycle, or use public transportation on a regular basis. This information will, in turn, help guide the lesson planning for the rest of this module and for the second curriculum module, Bicycle Safety. The story line that begins in Pedestrian Safety continues in Bicycle Safety. The safety messages in the second module build upon those presented here, so it is advisable to teach the Pedestrian Safety module before the Bicycle Safety module.

Curriculum includes the following topics:

  1. Activity 1:  Who rides a bicycle?

  2. Activity 2:  A safe bibycle

  3. Activity 3:  Bicycle safety

  4. Activity 4:  Dangers in the Road

  5. Activity 5:  A crash

  6. Activity 6:  Stay safe while biking

  7. Activity 7:  Bicycle safety card game

  8. Activity 8:  Review

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