Leonardo Torcat is co-founder of Focus Cycling Club., and has been instrumental in developing and spreading the power training principles. He specializes in Shimano T.E.C. technology, His professional career spans 25 years in the cycling world and He holds more than 36 podiums in State of Florida competitions.

  • Current State of Florida Champion Critirium Cat 3 (2018-2019).

  • Leader of the State of Florida Ranking Criterium Cat 3. 2018

  • National BMX Champion, as well as Estado Bolivar, Venezuela’s State Team Coach.

  • 14* place in the World Championship BMX Perth-Australia 2003.

  • Mountain Bike Champion in the Sub 23 category.

  •                                 Ambasssador

"I have been cycling almost my entire life. As a professional cyclist, I have earned numerous titles, including several Florida Strate Championships. However, my biggest accomplishment is to be able to pass my knowledge to the members of our Club. More than an accomplishment, it is a great honor."

Karin began her journey through the world of Spinning in 2014, getting certified as International Instructor Star 3, a prerequisite that qualifies her as a candidate for Master Instructor.

Karin is professionally renowned in every field in which she has been in, for her charisma, solidarity, empathy, leadership, and cooperativeness. She holds strong values and principles, always practicing what she preaches and leading by example.

She is known for her respect and consideration for others, as well as her kindness and courtesy. Karin’s joyful personality is truly contagious. You will always find her classes entertaining and fun, but be prepared for a session of hard work, as she’s known for building teams where the focus is a profound respect for discipline, proper technique, and quality work. Karin’s particular style of teaching is always a mix of effort and smiles.

You will always find in this trainer the words of motivation which will inspire you to make progress in your quest for improvement. Her style is always goal-oriented, so you will always find her by your side to coach and guide you through your every challenge, to get the best of you and make every effort count, so you can always be the best you can be. She is a strong believer in the say “In unity lies strength”, which means she loves teamwork, a healthy competitiveness, and camaraderie.

Miami, FL, USA


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