Your coach will help you achieve your goals!

Leonardo is our HEAD COACH and Widely known as one of the most distinguished road cyclists in South Florida.
Karin is our ELITE COACH, Triathlon Coach and an active member in Tri2one, the biggest Triathlon in Florida.
Rey Gonzalez is our ELITE COACH and one of the most distinguished experts in long distance training and racing in South Florida.


Our mission is to promote, nurture and advance the love for amateur cycling and other sports, by fostering amateur sports competitions and by supporting and developing amateur athletes in preparing them for these competitions.


Our purpose is to give back to the community by providing everyone, especially children and those in need, with loving encouragement and support to effect a real change in their lives, by fostering in them the love for cycling and other amateur sports.


Our hope is that this will make us all better human beings, and that in sharing our mission with the world, every single person on every corner of this planet will feel empowered with love and compassion and feel the same need to give back to their community in their own way.

Reflection and awareness

In consideration of the active nature of this group, due to the constant growth we are experiencing, as well as the continuous preparation we offer toward facing new sporting challenges and the great potential we find in our club members, the Coaches of FOCUS CYCLING CLUB would like to bring to your attention two very important concepts: reflection and awareness.

Together, we are becoming a great team, and it is our duty not only to take care of ourselves but also to look after the safety of each other, of every member of our club.

Responsible individuals

We at Focus Cycling Club have observed that you are all committed, responsible individuals. You are cheerful and above all passionate about cycling and about healthy living in general. Incorporating new activities into our club has helped all of us improve both our individual and collective sport levels and build a better quality of life. The best example we can project to others, whether it be other club members or those outside our club looking in, is to stick together, orderly and with discipline. We are an example to those who are looking in and perhaps thinking of joining us, those who are just curious about who we are and what we do and want to find out more.

Improve mind, body, and spirit

Our philosophy is to offer healthy ways to improve mind, body, and spirit. And for this, we need to reflect and become aware of the ways in which portray ourselves and we can influence others. We are more than a Cycling Club. We have become a big family where solidarity and camaraderie must continue to reign. We must realize that our actions can and do often affect others. This means that during our rides we must be responsible and cautious. We have a great training program, a successful and fun program, that offers the Miami community a new form of training. Let’s keep it this way.

We want to continue to grow and bring the best out of every one of us. To do so, it is necessary that we all be consistent with the professional behavior expected of us whether we are talking about our rides or whether we are participating in the various sporting events we take part of.

We are here to serve you and we look forward to your collaboration and support.

We must all be present 15 minutes before training at the meeting place. We must leave on time at the agreed upon time.

Participants must pay attention to the instructions given by the Coaches. It is necessary that they remain in silence and concentrated. Please do not be distracted when the Coaches give training instructions or instructions during the rides. Your concentration during training is fundamental so that we can all pedal SAFELY and thus protect all the participants of the club. A distracted rider can become an obstacle in the way, we must be aware at all times that we are riding in a group and think about the safety of everyone.

The use of HEADPHONES during training is strictly forbidden, as it is necessary that all Club members are able to listen to what is happening around them and be aware at all times of any alerts or street noises made by cars in particular and of their surroundings in general. It is forbidden to use PHONES to take videos and/or photographs, once the ride has started. As mentioned already, it is mandatory that your concentration remains at all times on what is happening on the road, and you must be attentive to your fellow riders and the wheels you are following, Phone use is only allowed at the stops established for recovery, such as when refreshing, taking water breaks, resting, parking, etc. Even so, phones can only be used while fully stopped and without any risk of endangering other riders. In case of emergency please rotate/fall to the back end of the ride and inform your nearest Coach that you are going to stop to make your call without risk to you or to the other participants.


The training provided by the Coaches is designed to improve your physical condition and heart resistance during the period of time you are training, so it is everyone’s duty to follow the instructions, avoid confronting the instructions or the Coaches. All instructions follow a plan of physical improvement, so the training methods cannot be changed by anyone. We will have different types of training during the week, such as long-distance training, strength, intervals, etc., which cannot be altered in any way by the individual needs of the participants. If you miss a training day you must follow the schedule designed in the next one and recover the lost one in the next opportunity that is established. Any participant wishing to increase their athletic ability can join the long-distance rides upon prior approval by the Saturday ride Coaches after they are able to see you can master the long distance and high average.

Group members wishing to invite a friend to the ride must inform them about the Safety Rules and have them agree to comply with them. They must also introduce them to the Coaches to know of their presence in the ride.

Any member who for reasons beyond their control has to leave the ride must inform the nearest coach so they can record their departure and replace their position in the ranks.

We appreciate your cooperation when carrying the uniform in the different streets of the city and/or sports activities. You must maintain an attitude of fitness and healthy living at all times while wearing your uniform, follow the good habits established by society, behave with decorum and respect toward others, in order to set a good example in the community. Remember that our behavior impacts on others and to carry the good name of the Club around town is a responsibility of all members.

The purpose of the group chat is to communicate and convene for Club activities. Please be reasonable as to what time to write, communications after 10:00 p.m. is prohibited, all types of sales and promotions are prohibited without prior authorization from the Coaches, who will evaluate your request, so address these privately. Please collaborate with the use for which the chat was created and if a member does not comply with the rules then tell them directly about following the rules and abiding by them, so as not to disturb the other members who are registered in the chat. Remember, the chat is there for us to learn about the training. Please should not send jokes, videos or links that don’t have anything to do with the purpose for which the group was created.

The safety kit is required at all times on your bike. It must be checked before arriving at the training. The parking lot is not the indicated place for repairs unless it is an emergency, note that this may delay the departure of the group and in turn disrespect those members who arrived punctual and ready to train. For the night training or those training that occur at very early hours, it is a must that you have both back and front lights. If you do not have them avoid going to the training in the dark as it can cause an accident if your fellow riders or vehicles do not visualize you on the road.

Workouts are taught based on time, cadence, average, distance, etc., it is very difficult for you to control yourself if you do not have the necessary equipment to train, the watch is mandatory for training where you check rotation and average distance. This not only helps you see your improvement but also maintain your personal records and those of your group at the time of training.


Focus Cycling Club is the non-profit fundraising arm of team athlete development, training and recreation, family reunion and personal preparation in physical and sports activities, the advice in training for competition in cycling, Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquabike and Race Day.

We meet every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. At the present time, our community is around 120 participants. We offer different training activities, like swimming, bike riding and running, race day, competition, sport tourist service. We are present in a lot of Sporting Events in Miami.